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Immune tolerance therapy (ITT) involves infusing clotting factor concentrate in scheduled doses to train the body to tolerate the factor. The goal of ITT is to eradicate the inhibitor.

What does it involve?
There are many different medical opinions and protocols for ITT. ITT may be delivered over weeks, months, or years. Some protocols specify that factor must be infused on a daily basis, while others specify infusions two or three times a week. Clinical evidence has not proven that one protocol is more effective than any other.

Some people undergoing ITT choose to get a central venous access device (CVAD) to make it easier to receive infusions.

ITT is effective in eradicating inhibitors in 80 percent of people with hemophilia and inhibitors. ITT is more effective in people with hemophilia A than hemophilia B.

ITT may not be effective.

ITT may necessitate getting a CVAD.

ITT can be extremely time-consuming.

Depending on what type of health insurance plan you have, ITT may be costly.

Immune tolerance therapy (ITT) for Hemophilia Questions

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