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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

I live in Michigan, and we have Childrens Special Health, that covers hospitalizations, factor, and supplies, with no cap.
I'm looking to moving somewhere possibly warmer in the future, and I'm curious about coverage in other states. I'm a very special, and severe case, and want to be sure I'll get the coverage that would keep me healthy.
If you care to share, that would be amazing.

A MyHemophiliaTeam Member said:

If you have hep c don't come to sc Medicaid will denie you for treatment.

posted about 6 years ago
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member said:

For the most part I have had employer health insurance and glad I did, because of the fact we couldn't be covered back in the day. Was one reason my dad stayed in the military until he retired. I went without insurance twice from the time I lost my military health care under my dad, at the age if 20, had no major bleeds that required treatment. While I wasn't insured, I just think it's scary to leave an area if you would lose your coverage as every state has different insurance income requirement, when I first got on disability my state cover me with my income I was getting later when the Repulicans took over they raised the min on what you made and in missouri it kicked 200,000 off the state medicaid I would have to be homeless or in a nursing home to get state help now, and all I get is S S DISABILITY

posted over 6 years ago
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member said:

I live in Georgia , the HOG "hemophilia of Georgia" is awesome .. They help me more than I could ever tell anyone . Give them a call (Phone number can only be seen by the question and answer creators)

edited, originally posted over 6 years ago
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