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Does Anyone Else Have Side Effects From Amicar?
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have been on Amicar most of my life and dealt with the side effects, but they seem to be affecting me more lately. I've had nausea and vomiting, and i get really dizzy and ligt headed to the point of fainting. The worst though is along with that, I get super overheated. Does anyone else have these side effects? It's gotten so bad I have even considered trying to switch to Lysteda in hopes it won't have the same effects. Anyone have experiences with switching?

A MyHemophiliaTeam Member


Being Given Advate After A Procedure And You Have Von Willebrand's Type 2b
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member asked a question 💭

My son, like myself, has von Willebrand's type 2b. He is having his wisdom teeth removed and is going to take Amicar and Vonvendi. Weird thing is advate is also on the list. Anyone else with vW been given this? It is usually given to hemophiliacs

A MyHemophiliaTeam Member

I've been given DDAVP