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I Don'know If I Fit In. I Have Factor 5,8 And 10

I Don'know If I Fit In. I Have Factor 5,8 And 10

I only take coumadin, i am hearing different treatments from reading others comments. I don't know that i have a lot of questions. I will as i go on, i just want to fit in. I have a hemotologist at the U of M Minnesota. My Dr. Is suppose to specialize in these types of blood disorders. But he has said to me these 3 together are rare. I also have Stills disease which is an autoimmune disease. It is also rare. I was a nurse and a Social Worker very busy and needed. Now… read more

A MyHemophiliaTeam Member said:

It's okay to be a zebra! I have both a bleeding disorder and a clotting disorder! You would think that they would "cancel each other out" but NO! they… read more

posted almost 2 years ago