Who's the One Person You Should Always Keep Your Promise To?

Posted on July 16, 2019

Keeping promises to yourself is a way to focus on self-nurture. This could mean making a commitment to "you" time on a regular basis to tend to yourself. Keep a regular date with yourself to focus on whatever helps you feel calm and centered in your life - and keep that date like you would a date with a friend. Put it on your schedule and stick to it.

Keeping promises to yourself doesn't need to involve a lot of time. It could be committing to reading a few pages of a new book you're excited about over lunch twice a week, or doing some yoga poses before bed most nights. Get up 10 minutes early to meditate or pray. Keeping your promise of self-nurture should leave you with a feeling of peace and a renewed spirit.

"You" time can also be done while multi-tasking. For instance, walk the dog to your favorite park and take time to smell the flowers along the way. Do some breathing exercises during your commute. Turn household chores into a dance party with your favorite music. Whatever promise you make to yourself, keeping it should refill your tank and leave you ready to meet the next challenge.

Here are some ways members of MyHemophiliaTeam keep promises they make to themselves:

"I am super proud of the video I just made, the underlining message is to not ignore your bleeds. It was created because I often felt like a burden."

"Having a good day...playing with the kittens and just relaxing today."

"My family and I are preparing to leave for Nashville in the morning to go see the Titans play! So a very exciting day and next day for us."

How do you keep promises to yourself?
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A MyHemophiliaTeam Member said:

Stress relieve for me is cooking. So ill be doing that today

posted 4 months ago

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