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Joint Bleeds
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have von Willebrands disease. I really don’t know much about it. I was told its a relatively minor case but that’sall i know. I don’t know what to expect with this disease and have a lot of body pain and headaches. I’m not sure if any of this is from vwd or if it’smy other conditions.

posted September 17, 2020
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A MyHemophiliaTeam Member

I have VWD and have always been told it’s a Factor VIII deficiency.

posted April 29, 2023
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member

Factor VIII deficiency is Hemophilia A, not vWD

posted April 12, 2023
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member

You can research it on Google. It’s a factor 8 Deficiency, if you have internal bleeding or heavy periods you can take medications to add factor 8, or sometimes people react well to stimate. Swelling in hands and fingers is very common, problems with knee or ankle or elbow joints also common. Google it.

posted October 5, 2022
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member

Do you have specific questions

posted August 16, 2021
A MyHemophiliaTeam Member

Do you have any other symptoms. Like with your body pain burning or tingling?.

posted August 16, 2021

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